Hello – I’m Kamla and I offer 1½ hour or 2 hour​ shows of entertainment in the form of Solo Piano Music to listen, dance and sing to for Care Homes and Assisted Living Residences.
Musical activity in Care Homes is becoming increasingly popular as its value has been proven to help bring back memories. Dementia is currently receiving a lot of publicity exposure, helped by mainstream television programmes such as The Dementia Choir, Living with Dementia and Miriam's Dead Good Adventure, as well as  the brilliant BBC Drama 'Care' starring Sheridan Smith and Alison Steadman.
My Piano Repertoire has evolved over a 40 Year career of professional playing and now consists of over 2000 songs and pieces played in a piano style that makes them recognisable particularly to people diagnosed with a condition affecting memory recall.

I play my entire repertoire from memory - I'm very thankful for my skills and the ability to bring them to other people and have a fun couple of musical hours together.  This means I don't work from a set playlist, which enables me to play more of any music that's going down well at the time and play requests.

What Do I Do that's Different?
I have devised different themed sections for my shows to keep the residents involved in what I’m playing. This enables interaction and participation in a fun informal way as well as being entertaining. It provides a lovely morning or afternoon of activity whilst at the same time bringing the therapy that live music can do for stimulating memory.
Sing a Long Time 
We’ll Meet Again, Over the Rainbow, Delilah and songs from well known musicals are very popular. The 'Pub Sing a Long' Medleys go down particularly well as the lyric sheets are rarely needed - Many dementia residents begin to remember the words very quickly - I see this happen so often and makes my job an absolute joy!

Lyric Sheets available in Size 14 Font provided on the day, or Word Documents can be sent by email to enable you to print your own –
Currently available - Mary Poppins 5 songs, Oliver 4 songs, Sound of Music 3 songs, Delilah, We'll Meet Again, Pub Sing a Long Medley, Over the Rainbow, Edelweiss - More coming

 Guessing the Music Time
Film Music (100 Themes), TV Programmes & Adverts, Eurovision Song Contest, Musical Shows, Guess the Theme – All the songs have a common link - Summer, Sunshine, Rain, Flying & Sky, Love for Valentines, different Colour Themes, and Snow/Winter for Christmas.
This involves some chat from me as I ask a question - then give increasingly easier clues and little stories until someone guesses the answer. The TV Theme time always makes for great fun as everyone tries to guess the programme such as Steptoe and Son, Fawlty Towers, the Soaps and even the Muppet Show! I have over 60 Themes to use.
  Classical Music Time
 Well known Classical Piano Pieces and music from the Opera and Ballet. For Example – Strauss Waltzes, Music from Carmen and Swan Lake that residents love to hum and clap along or dance to.
   Classical Piano Evening Concerts are also available as provided to Loxley Park, Sheffield.
 Request Time  When I ask people for a favourite song. My Repertoire includes hundreds of songs from popular artists such as - Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Abba, Elton John and many more hits from the 60's and 70s and 80s.
I cater mostly for Care Facilities in the Sheffield and Scunthorpe areas in South Yorkshire. Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, although booking arrangements can be made for me to play anywhere in the UK with my beautiful vintage style Full Size Portable Stage Piano.

This takes me approximately 20 minutes to set up and pack away.




Approved supplier of piano entertainment to

BUPA UK, Avery Healthcare, Larchwood North, The Holmes Care Group, Kapil Care Homes, Marjara Care Group, Sheff Care, Hill Care, Horizon Care, Jasmine Healthcare, United Health Ltd, The Bond Care Group, Trust Care Ltd, Four Seasons Health Care and HC One.




Please contact me for a chat either by email or by phone to discuss your requirements. I can also pop into your Care Home for an informal chat and even play your piano if you have one.

07964 225458


I can also send you my leaflets including a sample repertoire list by post.

References are available from Activity Co-ordinators.

Looking Forward to Bringing Back More Memories




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Dated February 2019 - February 2020