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Piano or Keyboard?

Welcome to my Digital Piano Help Page - I hope you find it useful!

Please understand that I am a Piano Teacher and offer Piano Lessons. Therefore it is imperative that you have a Piano at home for practising. This can be an upright or grand acoustic piano, or a Digital Piano. A Digital Piano has 88 Fully Weighted Keys such as a Yamaha Clavinova. 

Digital Pianos are acceptable for beginners studying the ABRSM Prep Test and Grades 1 to 3.

However if the student continues piano studies beyond Grade 3, I would recommend upgrading to an acoustic piano wherever possible.

Keyboards with less than 88 weighted keys are not suitable.



                                Digital Portable Piano with Pedal                                    Digital Piano                                        Digital Portable Piano with Fixed Pedal Board -                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Also called a 'Stage Piano'


Digital Pianos are not Keyboards

 Piano or Keyboard? 

A Keyboard is not a suitable instrument for learning traditional Piano. There are many reasons why but in my experience the 2 main ones are - 

  • The student finds it very confusing to find 'Middle C' and all the other notes in perspective on an 88 key standard piano when practising at home on an instrument with less keys.


  • Students find they cannot control the sound on a piano after practising on a keyboard at home. Their hands and wrists tire easily and they are unable to play with the strength and dexterity required.  This can lead to injury, not to mention the disappointment at the lack of progress.

An 88 Fully or Medium Weighted Key Digital Piano is not the same as an Electronic Keyboard which generally have a maximum of 61 keys and are not weighted. 

Digital Pianos are the closest to Acoustic Pianos in feel and sound. The technology has improved considerably in recent years. They will never feel exactly the same as an acoustic piano but will suffice for the early grades.

A Fully Weighted 88 Key Digital Piano is a perfectly acceptable instrument for beginners to start  traditional Piano Lessons with me. 

The Portable versions are better with a fixed Pedal Board and not the single pedal that tends to move around the floor when pressed with the foot.

The aim is to find an instrument that resembles an acoustic piano as closely as possible within a given budget.

I teach on a Steinmayer Baby Grand Piano in Sheffield and teach and perform with my Yamaha Clavinova CLP 340M in Scunthorpe. 




Casio Px-350 Digital Piano Review


Yamaha P-105 Portable Digital Piano

IMPORTANT  Portable Digital Pianos will need the additional purchase of either a pedal or ideally a Pedal Board that can be fixed to the piano and a  stand.

An adjustable Piano Stool is also recommended to learn the correct posture whilst playing.  

Everything you ever wanted to know about Digital Pianos

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Where to Try & Buy Digital Pianos in Sheffield

A Good place to start looking is Millington Music in Sheffield City Centre. There is a wide selection of Digital Pianos to try from Yamaha, Casio, Roland and Korg.

Millington Music 5 Furnival Gate Sheffield S1 4HW 0114 2808040